Fence panels

Modular 3D fence panels

Modular fence panels – electrically welded panels of galvanized steel wire, with a colored PVC-coating / optional /, rectangular aperture with V-shaped curves, with spikes on the top and at the bottom.
Fence column from galvanized square tube with a size of 50/50mm., with a colored PVC-coating / optional / and a cover.
The panels are attached to the column with metal fastening clips.
The system is designed for the fencing of residential, industrial, sports and commercial facilities.

Modular 3D fence panels

The main parameters are:
Wire diameter – 4,0 или 4,5 mm
Size of aperture – 50 х 200 mm
Panel’s length – 2000 или 2500 mm
Panel’s height – от 600 до 2500 mm
Number of folds – 2 to 5 of a panel 


Panels in a frame

The panels are used as fencing elements, railings, grilles and others. 
They are made of sieves, welded and expanded meshes and U, L, O or rectangular-shaped profiles.

Fence panels The parameters of the panels are:
• width B = 250 - 2000 mm;
• height H = 250 - 1000 mm;
• w/d - type of mesh; 
• width of profile b = 20 - 30 mm;
• height of profile h = 20 - 30 mm.

Panels in a frame
Sara Wadner